UHT system

10,000 l/h


  • flexible output: 7000 - 10,000 l/h
  • combined direct/indirect thermal processing system
  • up to 88% heat recovery
  • operating time > 12 h
  • direct thermal processing by means of steam injection for the production of ESL milk
  • indirect thermal processing for the production of mixed beverages, such as chocolate, vanilla and strawberry-flavoured milk drinks and also for the production of fruit juices
  • tubular heating element; adjustable 0 - 30 min

Special features

  • the production of condensed milk is possible thanks to the specific component combination
  • valve operation system providing for minimal product loss on start-up and shut-down
  • a coupling panel allows operation of the homogeniser in septic and aseptic status

Syndicat Intercommunal, Step Bettembourg

Sep. 2007 I. BA/ June 2009

Contract value
EUR 36.5 million