ESL system

35,000 l/h


  • output of 35,000 l/h
  • operating times up to 12 h
  • High speed tubular heat exchanger
  • double loop ceramic filtration system
  • continuous treatment of retentate by means of indirect and/or direct processing
  • high temperature cream processor
  • online standardisation
  • 200,000 litres capacity sterile tank storage

The advantages of membrane filtration

  • low exposure of product to thermal effects
  • pure filtered milk
  • can be integrated in existing thermal processing systems
  • flavour of resultant product hardly differs from that of fresh milk
  • no negative effects on physiological product characteristics (vitamin content, etc.)
  • low operating costs, positive effects on minimum shelf life

Syndicat Intercommunal, Step Bettembourg

Sep. 2007 I. BA/ June 2009

Contract value
EUR 36.5 million