Fermentation systems

Well designed and highly sterile. We design and construct systems for the food industry for the fermentation of sour milk products and culture preparation.

From receipt of raw material to sterile storage.

Thanks to the extensive expertise of our personnel in aseptic production, we are the ideal partner if you are planning to construct a high quality, well developed system that covers the full up-stream and down-stream processes of fermentation.

The related products most frequently manufactured by the dairy sector are yoghurt, quark, kefir and sour cream. In view of our broad range of products and, many years' experience of the design and construction of Fermentation systems, together with considerable technical and product-specific know how, we can offer equipment that will cover the entire production process, from raw material receipt to sterile storage in tanks. The optimal production process commences with the standardisation of raw materials after which dry mass content needs to be appropriately adjusted. There are various ways this can be done; powder can be added or the product can be concentrated by means of filtration. To ensure that the finished product is of high quality, it is essential to ensure that all ingredients are uniformly distributed throughout the product. This can be achieved using special blender and homogenisation systems. To provide for the subsequent proliferation of the required bacteria (a factor that determines the organoleptic characteristics of the product), the milk product is thermally processed to eliminate potentially competing flora.

Following inline addition of the culture and corresponding fermentation, the thickened product is cooled to prevent further acidification and then subsequently aseptically processed. Depending on the finished product required, it is possible to add fruit preparations or to adjust the fat content to a specified level by adding cream. We offer sterile tank systems than can be used for the intermediate storage of finished products; products can be retained in these tanks for several days until they are sent for aseptic packaging.

We are aware that our customers require a high level of flexibility when it comes to production and we at ELIQUO PROTEC offer a wide range of options. We use valve manifolds to connect several tanks with different packaging systems, ensuring that products can be separately manufactured. These can also be separately cleaned and sterilised.

Our range of fermentation system expertise

The preparation of:

  • Sour milk products (e.g. yoghurt)
  • Blended milk drinks
  • Whey-based drinks
  • Cream chees
  • Starter cultures


Fermentation system

A full new yoghurt production system


  • an 8000 l/h UHT system with technological features allowing for the processing of various different products
  • two sterile storage tanks each 20,000 litres
  • storage tank for pre-blending
  • seven fermentation tanks
  • four finished product tanks
  • flexible CIP system currently providing 120 cleaning points

Special features

  • reinjection-free fermentation and finished product tanks
  • extensive valve manifold system for blending and culture addition
  • the CIP system can be optionally extended to provide 160 cleaning points; this operates fully automatically without any flexible coupling
  • special sterile air supply system for product processing tanks