CIP systems

Cost-effective and efficient. Our CIP systems for the cleaning of production systems are based on a modular concept and can thus be perfectly adapted to the individual needs of our customers.

Latest generation CIP systems

Our state-of-the-art CIP systems benefit users as follows:

  • The modular concept means investment costs are reduced
  • Formula-specific processes ensure flexibility of cleaning
  • Self-monitoring systems enhance process safety
  • Formulas can be validated thus ensuring systems can be audited while cleaning documentation is automatically generated
  • Thanks to the precision of analysis that is possible, operating costs can be reduced
  • Extensive automation means operators have less to do
  • Rapid commissioning as standard formulas are supplied
  • Future-proof thanks to the use of tried-and-tested components and standard automation elements
Design CIP system

Place your trust in our experience

We can design and construct isolated and stacked tank systems. Our personnel have extensive experience in the layout, design and optimisation of CIP systems.

As our CIP systems operate automatically, the parameters of cleaning processes can be exactly defined on the basis of specific formulas and the control systems ensure that these are followed. The advantage of this concept is that customer-specific requirements can be readily integrated and are thus immediately available to the formula management system. Formulas are stored on a server that transmits these to the control system so that cleaning can be continued even if your computer system goes down.

Formulas are defined at an office workstation. The system manages formula amendments as new versions: that means all changes are documented and are traceable at all times. Standard formulas are supplied with our systems and the relevant parameters need only be appropriately adjusted: your CIP system is quickly ready for Operation.

As soon as a formula has been defined in a form in which it achieves the desired results, it is released for use in cleaning. All cleaning-relevant data are stored by the system for subsequent reference. When the system again operates using the same formula, it compares current results with the reference data. The system generates a results record in which any deviations are documented.

All cleaning processes are recorded and documented. In most cases, an archive of digitally signed PDF files is considered sufficient for the purposes of auditing. These can be stored on the server; documentation on paper is no longer necessary. Parameter analysis ensures that data are continuously documented. This is essential to ensure that concentrations of cleaning media, levels of waste water contamination and power used - and thus costs - can be reduced.


CIP system

Complete system for a dairy factory

Scope and characteristics

  • 14 cleaning circuits
  • cleaning performance per circuit: 25,000 - 45,000 l/h
  • multiphase tank with 4 x 30,000 litres stack capacity
  • automatic self-cleaning of CIP chambers

Special features

  • the scope of the cleaning circuits covers several hundred objects needing to be cleaned
  • individual temperature adjustment of each closed circuit is possible thanks to integration of a tubular heat exchanger in the pre-cycle that can be used for heat disinfection
  • cold disinfection possible in open cycles by means of precise supplementation with peracetic acid