About us

Highly skilled, but close-up and personal when it comes to implementation

Sound craftsmanship

What sets us apart.

The demands of consumers when it comes to product quality are becoming increasingly exacting. To ensure continuing compliance with the every-growing compendium of standards, the food industry needs to know that its technology is safe and that its products are being processed correctly. And here we consider ourselves to be more than just a service provider: we see ourselves as your partner. Working in close collaboration with our customers, we process and provide top quality, reliable and cost-effective solutions. At ELIQUO PROTEC, we are able to supply you with the very latest foodstuff and pharmaceutical technologies. We are always focused on the product and the real needs of our clients.

A powerful combination.

As we operate as an independent affiliate of the ELIQUO WATER GROUP, our customers benefit in two respects: from the typical advantages of dealing with a medium-sized enterprise but one that has the security of being supported by a major corporate structure. For us, short decision-making processes are part of our culture. And, of course, our size means we can react rapidly. We are characterised by our flexibility and customer-orientated approach.